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Caldwell and family Posted:

If you are reading this then you must understand that I was given a second chance. There were a series a robberies of several Family Dollar Stores in the Metro Detroit area. The robberies began in May 2010 and ended around June 2010. I was picked up after a citizen saw me at a business and I looked like the photo/sketch. I was charged and stood trial. My attorney (Lillian Diallo) did a outstanding job in my trial, but she brought in her investigator and he just worked and worked. He found the real robbery person in jail with me. He was being charged with the other robberies. He was found guilty and was about to be sentenced. Mrs. Diallo informed the Prosecutor, but they did not want to hear it. I spoke to the guy and he said it was his twin brother. The photo and sketch looked exactly like him. We went to trial and we put on our case. The jury went back and within 20 minutes they came back NOT GUILTY. I cried like a baby and everyone in the court room was in tears, because they saw the truth. I want to thank Mr. Bruce and his staff for bringing me home to my family. Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Diallo are the dynamic duo and I thank God for you both.

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Homicide Investigations

Wrongful unsolved deaths is a terrible ordeal to go through. It's equally difficult dealing with the fact that the crime is still unsolved. Armorbearer Investigations is your solution to paper shuffles and departmental delays. We cut through red tape to get you the facts and answers you deserve.

Armorbearer Investigations is not only for Homicide Investigation. We also conduct investigations on a multitude of other serious crimes. The investigators here at Armorbearer Investigations want to assist the Police Departments in bringing closure to your case.

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Published on: 2006-12-25 (3227 reads)

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