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The Family of Jarrod Jenkins Posted:

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, I want to thank you for all you did in my sons case. My son and his cousin were accused and charged with Carjacking, Assault with the Intent to Murder and Felony Firearm. My son was and still is enrolled in College and majoring in Psychology. When the police came to our home we knew this was a mistake. Our son turned himself in at the College Police Department. Our family knew this nightmare would not last. How wrong were we. My son heard about Armorbearer Investigations while he was in the Wayne County Jail and he demanded you be appointed to his case. His lawyer and, if you can believe it, the judge did not see any reason to appoint you to his case, but my son pushed for you. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce when everyone gave up on my son you guys worked harder. You gave his attorney information he did not want to use, but when he did the results were seen by all. My son and his cousin were found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES (February 2012). My son is back in College and we all want to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. We have sent you a more detailed letter.

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Armorbearer Investigations, LLC will help bring closure to families experiencing personal trauma and life altering experience with integrity. We strive for Business Success, while providing confidential and exceptional Customer Service to all clients. Armorbearer Investigations, LLC operates on 5 biblical principles: Faith, Honor, Integrity, Obedience, and Valor.

We are dedicated to you, the client, to bring you the assurance needed to complete the task at hand in a professional manner.


We are Armorbearer Investigations!

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Published on: 2006-12-25 (2779 reads)

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