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Wireless Color Nanny Camera System

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Pastors Ex-Wife Posted:

I want to give honor to God who is my life and I would not have made it through this with out him. I was being charged with some very serious crimes by my Husband (EX) and his girlfriend, of at least five years. My Ex-husband is a pastor of a church in the Detroit area. I do not want to give the name of his church, because that would draw more attention to the church and not what God did. I want to thank my attorney for all she did and for bringing these to vessels to the case. My ex-husband had been having a affair with a young lady in our church and he fathered a five year old child. I was told by several members about this, but I did not want to beieve it. Well they tried to put me in jail for the rest of my life so they could continue there life, but God had another plan. He allowed this investigator to bring the thing that were done in the dark to the light to a table in the presence of my enemies. God is so awsome! There affair was exposed in the court in front of everybody and the case was dismissed and the Judge and the Proscutor were shocked. All they could do was storm out of the court room embarrassed. Now there secret is out!!! I wonder what he is going to tell his sheep now? I want to thank your Bishop (Wayne T. Jackson) for anointing you with this gift. You have a gift from God and you will continue to use it for what he has called you to do. This is your ministry. God had this in his plan from the day you were conceived. He just took you through the Detroit Police Department to get you here. I want to thank you for all you did and please do not stop. I will be praying for you always!

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Home / Security Equipment

Wireless Color Nanny Camera System
Model: Camera

SKU: RC310A_230CW
List Price: $149.00

This set includes: 1 2.4GHz Wireless cameras with audio 1 2.4GHz Wireless receiver 1 Power adapter for camera 1 A/V Cable 1 Operation manual Features: 1) Transmission/receiving frequency: 2.4 GHz 2) Transmission power: (TX2400) 25mW 3) Valid distance: 30-50m (90 - 150ft) 4) Horizontal definition: 380Line 5) Frequency system: NTSC 6) Power adapter: Receiver: DC12V/500mA Camera: DC9V/200mA


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