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Robert Woods of Detroit Posted:

Mr. Bruce, I can not say anything but WOW! I was accused of Felonious Assault, Home Invasion, and I was Habitual fouth. This meant I was looking at some very serious time. You and your staff did what most people would not. You went out and worked on my behalf and when the trial date came my case was dismissed based on new found evidence. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations.

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Ronald Alexander Posted: 2012-07-31 07:05:54

Mr. Bruce, I need to thank you and your team for everything you did. You went out and interviewed witnesses and kept me in the loop. When my trial day came (July 2012) I felt real good about everything, because my attorney was prepared. Then the unthinkable happened. The Prosecutor dismissed the case. Mr. Bruce I hope others hear about you and your team.

Ronald Christian Posted: 2012-07-28 22:50:02

Mr. Bruce, I want to thank you and your team. I was being charged with Assault with the Intent to Murder. I heard about your company and I said I would give you a call. I want let people know you are for real. You went out and took photos and my attorney used them in the trial and when it was finished I was found NOT GUILTY. So in your own words "WHEN LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION". I called ARMORBEARER INVESTIGATIONS!!!!!!!!!

James Riddley Posted: 2012-06-24 09:27:43

I was charged with the murder of my best friend. I could not believe his family would think like this. My Attorney Lillian Diallo sent Mr. Miguel Bruce to visit me in the Wayne County Jail and he was very calming. My trial started in June 2012 and Mr. Bruce testified about photos he took of the crime scene. The police did not even do what he did. The jury asked for his photos and the witnesses testimony and they came back NOT GUILTY of all counts on June 19, 2012. I am now at home with my new born child and I have Armorbearer Investigations to thank for doing what God has called him to do.

Terrance Pullom Posted: 2012-06-24 09:15:37

I was charged with Carjacking, Assault with the intent to murder, and several other counts. I heard about Armorbearer Investigations while I was in the Wayne County Jail. I partnered with them and the rest is history.My case was dismissed, because they lound out things the prosecutor did not want to know. Thank you for bringing me home.

Family and Friends of Samuel Anenyeonwu Posted: 2012-06-04 06:43:58

Hello Mr. Bruce and Staff, we would like to thank you all for what you did for our friend. He was charged with a very serious crime and he had no one to help him. He was given a Attorney (Jeffery Edison) and your company was assigned to assist. I want to tell you how thankful we were to find out you did alot of work and it paid off with him being found Not Guilty. Attorney Edison did a really good job and you both workd as a team. We thank you and Samuel thanks you.

William Keaton Posted: 2012-05-30 07:30:04

I need to thank my Attorney Gabbi Silvers and this company, Armorbearer Investigations. This was a hard situation, because I was against everything. I am just glad these two were on my side. I will never again put myself in such a fix.

Joel Payne Posted: 2012-05-23 07:09:58

I was charged with Armed Robbery, this was the most serious charge. These guys were appointed to my case at my attorneys request and they went to work after meeting with me in the Wayne County Jail. It was getting close to my trial and I had a change in attorneys, but these guys had already completed there work. The next thing I find out is the Prosecuter dropped all my charges and my case was dismissed. I want to thank these guys for not giving up and for just doing what the police woud not.

Michael Rogers Posted: 2012-05-21 16:58:26

I want to say I am truly been blessed by this firm. I was charged with Murder and several other charges and I was not even in the area. I asked my attorney (Doraid Elder) to get these guys on my case. Mr. Bruce met with me in the Wayne County Jail and he was very professional and I just felt at ease. My trial began in May 2012 (State of Michigan Vs Michael Rogers) and within several days of testimony, the jury came back with NOT GUILTY on all charges. I am back home with my son and family. Thank You Mr. Bruce for everything.

Jerry Hansen Posted: 2012-05-21 08:44:53

You guys are the best. My attorney told me you were just that and I saw it for my self. My case was dismissed after you guys hit the streets. Thank you.

Steve Bunnell Posted: 2012-05-21 08:21:08

I want to thank the investigators at Armorbearer Investigations along with Mr. Bruce, they have given me a second chance. You gave my attorney everything he needed and some. I heard the Not Guilty (January 2012) and so did they. Thank you for helping the people who need you the most.

Abraham Jenkins and my family Posted: 2012-05-04 06:46:57

Mr. & Mrs Bruce and the Staff at Armorbearer Investigations, I wanted to thank you guys first, but I see my cousin beat me to it. There is not much more I can say that him and his family did not. I have retuned to live with my father out of state and I have a new understanding on life. I see now how people can be mistakenly put into something and there whole life changed. Thank you for not giveing up on my cousin and I. You guys are truly the best investigators in the world.

The Family of Jarrod Jenkins Posted: 2012-04-21 20:15:27

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, I want to thank you for all you did in my sons case. My son and his cousin were accused and charged with Carjacking, Assault with the Intent to Murder and Felony Firearm. My son was and still is enrolled in College and majoring in Psychology. When the police came to our home we knew this was a mistake. Our son turned himself in at the College Police Department. Our family knew this nightmare would not last. How wrong were we. My son heard about Armorbearer Investigations while he was in the Wayne County Jail and he demanded you be appointed to his case. His lawyer and, if you can believe it, the judge did not see any reason to appoint you to his case, but my son pushed for you. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce when everyone gave up on my son you guys worked harder. You gave his attorney information he did not want to use, but when he did the results were seen by all. My son and his cousin were found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES (February 2012). My son is back in College and we all want to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. We have sent you a more detailed letter.

D. Sanders and Family Posted: 2012-04-20 08:32:26

Mr. Bruce I want to thank you for everything you and my attorney did in my case. As you know, I was implicated in a Murder by the father of my sisters child. He plead Guilty and cut a deal to testify against who ever he named. My family and I could not believe he put my name in his mess. My Attorney and your staff saw the truth. When the verdict was read "NOT GUILTY" on all charges (4/18/2012). I just did what you told me to do. I gave God alot of praise for all he did and for all you do. The funniest thing about all this was the other guy he put in it was caught on tape doing the shooting and because my nephews father was exposed to be a liar. He was found not guilty also. When we were leaving the court room he said your lawyer did a job on him. I told him she had some help. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations for everything.

Clayton Blue Posted: 2012-02-22 07:18:52

Mr. Bruce I want to thnk you for everything you did on my case. I will never forget what you did and said to me. God blessed us so we can be a blessing to others. You and your team are doing just that. If not for you and my attorney I might be in prison.

Robert Thompson Posted: 2012-01-29 10:22:45

Look, I do not understand why people are not using you guys more. I was charged with defending myelf in my own house. Your team came in and took photos (the police did not take any photos) and my attorney had them in court. I was only convicted of a misdermeanor and got probation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. People better start calling your office.

The Cauley Family Posted: 2012-01-29 10:16:38

God Bless you Mr. & Mrs Bruce, I want to thank you for everything you did to help my son. He was charged with some very serious crimes. Your team went out and located the witness the person said she did not know. This person was her best friend and she lied to everyone about her. You also found two people who were in there door ways and saw the crime. I know my son got a little scared and took a deal for only two years, but because you did what you did the prosecutor dropped all the serious charges and he only has to do a short time and he can come back home. Thank you both for your prayers and faith. GOD Bless you both.

Felicia Barger Posted: 2011-12-20 16:16:45

I was charged with a crime that I will not mention, but lets say it was serious. My Legal Aid Attorney told me there investigators would be contacting me. I never heard of such a thing. When I spoke to Mrs. Bruce I felt this calmness. I could not understand it. I just new everything would work out for its good. When the trial started I felt it again and I told my attorney about it. He was very worried. When everything was done the jury came back NOT GUILTY of all charges. Mrs. Bruce thank you for that good feeling. Continue to be a blessing to others, believe me your work is not in vain. You are a blessing (for real!!!!).

Mr. William Crump Posted: 2011-12-20 16:09:40

Thank you, Thank You for the prayers. Thank you Thank for you doing what you do for others. Everyone in the Wayne County jail has heard of this firm. I just want to say thank you. I was charged with Armed Robbery, and Felonious Assault. Mrs. Bruce your people did what they said. They went out and brought back the ammunition. I want to thank my attorney for knowing how to use what you guys gave him. All I can say is NOT GUILTY!!!!

Mr. Lajocque Graham Posted: 2011-12-20 07:47:25

This story is not funny, but it will show others what a blessing you are. I was walking to the store one evening when the Detroit Police pulled up and I was hand cuffed and tossed into the back seat. A strange guy walked up to the car I was in and looked at me. I heard him say that was not him. The police still took me to jail. Now understand I am on parol, so I was not suppose to be out after a certain time. I was arresed and booked and charged with rape and Home Invasion of a young lady that stayed around the corner from where the police found me. Mr. Bruce and his staff worked so hard and he has so much faith. They found the guy. He testified at my trial in December of 2011 and I was found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES. I want to thank my Attorney also, because he and Mr. Bruce were a great team. Armorbearer Investigations you are the best.

Willie Pruitt and family Posted: 2011-12-19 16:54:50

Mr. Bruce I want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work. My now ex-girlfriend told the police that I raped her. As you found out I had requested custody of my children through Friend of Court. So to stop the case she filed rape charges and moved to the warm State of Florida so I could not locate them. The case went to trial and the Prosecutor thought she was coming back, but she lied to them and the case was dismissed. You found all this out before they did and my attorney informed them of all this, but they did not believe us. So thank you for everything and now my other fight begins. I will get my children back.

The Shawn Bailey Crew Posted: 2011-12-19 07:10:27

Thank you for all you did on this case. It was a pleasure talking to you and working with you. You are truly a God send. This case was dismissed, because the truth would have came out and the person who went to the police would have been found to be a liar. Thank you for your investigatve skills.

The family of Mayomi Otagba of Detroit, MIchigan Posted: 2011-12-19 07:03:47

We would like to thank you and your staff for the work you did on this case. Mayomi was charged with Carjacking, Armed Robbery, Larceny (Firearm), and Great Bodliy harm less than Murder. He was only convicted of the Great Bodly Harm, but that was probationable. His attorney was outstanding and your staff worked right along with her. Thank you and he thanks you also.

Tonya Black, Crystal Hicks, and Tiffany Farris of Detroit, Michigan Posted: 2011-12-17 08:17:10

We would like to give a grest big thank you to you and your staff. We were charged with Assault with the Intent to Murder, and Great bodly harm less than Murder. We were lied on by a young lady who just got into a fight with one of us and lose. She then went to the police and made up a story to included all of us. You and your staff found out the truth and also found out that she moved and was lying to the prosecutor about her location. The case was dismissed, because she did not appear at the trial date and she contined to lie to the prosecutor. Thank you for all you did and we also thank all of our attorneys for what they did also.

Robert Woods of Detroit Posted: 2011-12-17 07:57:36

Mr. Bruce, I can not say anything but WOW! I was accused of Felonious Assault, Home Invasion, and I was Habitual fouth. This meant I was looking at some very serious time. You and your staff did what most people would not. You went out and worked on my behalf and when the trial date came my case was dismissed based on new found evidence. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations.

The Cotton Family Posted: 2011-12-17 07:52:18

Mr. Bruce we would like to thank you and your staff for your hard work and faith. We would also like to thank the attorney who did her job and proved her case. I was accused of a very unthinkable crime by my daughter. It was proven she ws not telling the truth and I am now at home with my new family. I forgive her for the things she said and done. I just need to thank you for praying with me while I was going thru and visiting me in jail. Thank you and may God continue to Bless You and your staff

Dwayne Clark and Family Posted: 2011-06-26 12:20:35

I was charged with 2 counts of Armed Robbery, and Assault. My mother heard of this company and retained them to help my attorney. My trial started in April 2011. The trial lasted two days and the jury took only 20 minutes to come back with a verdict. They came back with a NOT GUILTY of all charges. The Judge said he could not see how they came back with that verdict. I thought justice was blind. I want to thank my mother for finding these guys and I want to thank them for all there help. You are the best.

C. Grayson Posted: 2011-06-26 12:17:56

I want to thank my attorney and the investigators here at Armorbearer Investigations. I was charged with Felon in Possesion of a handgun and for wearing a bullet proof vest. I was not woried about the vest charge, but the gun charge was major. The police lied and said they saw me toss the gun, but that was not the truth. These guys went out and found witnesses who were outside at the time of my arrest. They testified to what they saw and I was found not guilty of the gun charge, but gulity for the vest. I am looking a possible probation. That is a real blessing. Thank you for what you do.

Eugene Sanders and Family Posted: 2011-05-19 12:32:45

Mr. Bruce we would like to thank you and your staff. You saw that our son, brother, Grandson, and cousin was innocent of this crime. Eugene was charged with Felony Murder, Murder 1, another crazy charge. Our attorney (Mrs. Irey) said you were the best. We had doubts, because you were a ex-homicide investigator. Well you removed all those doubts. Our trial began 5/9/2011 and the verdict was read on 5/18/2011. Within those days your work shined and the court room saw everything. Psalms 23 says that he will prepare a table in front of your enemies. Well the table was set and dinner was served. The jury took the case back to the office and came back with a NOT GUILTY on all charges. Mr. Bruce you and your team found all of theose witnesses the other side could not. Thank you for helping to bring our child home. God Bless you!!!!!!!!

The Family of Jason Gibson Posted: 2011-03-24 12:06:51

I want to first give honor to God who is and always will be the head of our lives. I want to thank Attorney Reed for the oustanding job she did on my sons trail. I also would like to apologize to the family of Officer Huff. Mr. Bruce when I met with you and your wife in your office you told me how hard this would be for you and your staff, because you worked with alot of these officers. We prayed and God just took over. I want to say you did a outstanding job on this case. You worked and worked and Mrs. Reed was prepared beyond there belief. I spoke to Jason and he told me to tell you thank you for everything you did. You made it a real fight for them. The prosecutor even gave you several complements. Keep doing what you are doing and I will tell everyone about you. You are truly called to do this work by God.

The Greene Family Posted: 2011-03-12 03:59:51

My family and I want to thank the investigators of Armorbearer Investigations. I was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. I was in the car with several friends when the police pulled us over. They arrested me for a gun and took me to the jail. I was assigned this investigator and they did some damage. My attorney did a outstanding job with the witnesses they found. They also gave my attorney some information that help on one of the police officers. When the judge was about to give her decision she gave my attorney a chance to file a appeal, because it came out that the police did not tell the truth. Thank you Mr. Bruce for all your help.

D. Smith Posted: 2011-03-12 03:48:52

I want to thank the investigators of Armorbearer Investigations. I was being charged with unarmed robbery and assault and battery of a friend who did some foul stuff. I was told that this friend was over another friends house and talking about me. I came over to the house and we got into a fight and I handled my business. This friend then went to the police and made up all these false charged. Mr. Bruce and his team were brought in by my attorney and they got to work. On the day of my trial it took the jury about 5 minutes to come back with NOT GUILTY of unarmed robbery and guilty of the A&B. I am looking at a fine just for spanking that butt. Thank you to my Lawyer, Mr. Polk, and the investigators of Armorbearer Investigations.

The Noble Family Posted: 2011-02-21 20:36:54

I want to first give honor to God who is the head of my life and my families life. In 2008 I was charged in a Murder case. I was assigned a Court Appointed Attorney by the name of Lillian Diallo. Mrs. Diallo did an outstanding job. She asked for a investigator to assist her with the case. Armorbearer Investigations was assigned. I tell you this. This guy is the best. He use to work in Homicide and he knows his stuff. He looked at my paperwork and found things we over looked and he hit the streets. He talked to people the poloce did not. He knocked on doors the police did not. These guys made it do what it do. They kept it 100 and at my trial the witnesses were done. The jury took about 10 minutes and came back with NOT GUILTY on all charges. Mr. Bruce I know your back ground. Sometimes GOD sends poeple one place just so he can bring them back to do what he called you to do. I am telling you, if you need them you better get them. I am sending your information to people Iknow in prison, because you are a blessing sent from the man above.

Jerrance Lewis and Family Posted: 2011-02-21 18:27:53

I will keep this short and to the point. I was charged in a Murder that I really was not involved in. My attorney Lillian Diallo sent this Investigator to talk to me. He came to the Wayne County Jail and I tell you this. The rest is History. The jury came back NOT GUILTY on 4/27/2009 of all counts and I am now at home. These guys did what they needed to do. If you are in trouble or know somebody in trouble. These are the guys to do what needs to be done. I thank you. My family thanks you.

Dwight Ferrell of Detroit, Michigan Posted: 2011-02-21 16:08:51

On November 24, 2010 @ 10:24pm on Frankfort Street in the City of Detroit, Michigan. I was at a friends house when the Detroit Police kicked in the back door. They found some drugs an a gun in the home and I was arrested and charged with Possession with the Intent to Deliver, and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. I was taken to the Wayne County Jail after I was arraigned on all my charges. I was assigned a Lawyer and she asked the Judge for a Private Investigator. I had never heard of a Lawyer asking for nor using a Private Investigator before. Mr. Bruce came to the jail and prayed with me he also went over my case. He went to the neighborhood and talked to witnesses and took photos of the house. He gave all this to my attorney and they talked about his findings. My lawyer asked for a motion to exclude the evidence. On 2/11/2011 the motion was heard and Mr. Bruce was asked by Judge Allen to take some additional photos on his behalf and submit them back to him. The Judge talked to him with such respect I was in shock. On 2/19/2011 we came back to court and the Judge asked Mr. Bruce to take the stand. He asked Mr. Bruce alot of questions about his finds and about the photos. Mr. Bruce was asked to step down and the Judge granted my attornies motion and all my evidence was tossed out and my case was dismissed. Mr. Bruce you are a secret weapon long over do. I want to thank you for all you do and did for me. I will tell everyone I know about you. Please do not stop what you are doing. Thank you for your prayers.

The Walker Clan Posted: 2011-02-17 23:49:25

I want to thank the Investigators at Armorbearer Investigations. I was charged with a Murder in Detroit, Michigan. My Attorney hooked me up with his these guys and the rest is history. If I am telling you about this then I must be at home. Mr. Bruce and his team came in and got to work. They worked on my case until they got what they needed. My attorney told me to sit back a just watch what he does and when it is all over tell everybody about him. I was scared to death on the first day of my trial. My attorney just went to work and there case just fell apart in front of there face. When my attorney rested it was a done deal. The jury went into the back and with in several hours they came back with a NOT GUILTY. Mr. Bruce I want to thank you for working so hard on my case. I wish you the best and please continue to serve God with all your heart, because you are truely a blessing come true.

S. Boone Posted: 2010-12-24 17:11:59

I would not do this if i was not totally satified with what this man and his team did. I was accused of Assault with the Intent to Murder, Felonous Assault, Felony Firearm. My boyfriend was charged in the same case. My attorney told me she would have her investigator contact me and begin to work on my case. I was scared, because i was looking at some serious charges and i never had a investigator only the one that arrested me. When Mr. Bruce came and talked to me he just made me feel like i had a chance. He prayed for me and then he said lets beat this case. When we got to the trial date my attorney just laughed and said he did it again. when she got finished with all there witnesses the Judge came back with a not guilty and she did not even think about it. I want to thank Mr. Bruce from the bottom of my heart. Mr. Boyfriend is still mad, because his attorney was asking him who was the investigator my attorney used. His attorney was not prepared and was in shock at what we had. Thank You for this great gift of freedom.

Caldwell and family Posted: 2010-12-06 14:29:14

If you are reading this then you must understand that I was given a second chance. There were a series a robberies of several Family Dollar Stores in the Metro Detroit area. The robberies began in May 2010 and ended around June 2010. I was picked up after a citizen saw me at a business and I looked like the photo/sketch. I was charged and stood trial. My attorney (Lillian Diallo) did a outstanding job in my trial, but she brought in her investigator and he just worked and worked. He found the real robbery person in jail with me. He was being charged with the other robberies. He was found guilty and was about to be sentenced. Mrs. Diallo informed the Prosecutor, but they did not want to hear it. I spoke to the guy and he said it was his twin brother. The photo and sketch looked exactly like him. We went to trial and we put on our case. The jury went back and within 20 minutes they came back NOT GUILTY. I cried like a baby and everyone in the court room was in tears, because they saw the truth. I want to thank Mr. Bruce and his staff for bringing me home to my family. Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Diallo are the dynamic duo and I thank God for you both.

Mr.Trevino Posted: 2010-11-01 13:15:52

I was in the Wayne County jail on a Murder charge and this inmate was talking about a investigator who helped on his case. I asked his name and what all he did. I told my attorney about him and she already new of him. I told her i want them on my case. When I first met him he did not judge me he prayed for me. I was blown away. He then talked to me about my case and what he could do to help. He got with my attorney and he went to work. The day of my trial I was again blown away with everything they had done in such a short time. To make things short, My case was dimissed in Circuit Court and the Prosecutor was not happy. They refiled the charges and this time we started at the District Court. When we got to the exam it was worst for the other side. We had more information and this time the case was dismissed in the District Court. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations for everything. You are a man of God and a man of Integrity.

Mrs. K. Brown Posted: 2010-08-09 18:29:23

I just need to tell everyone about this man of God. He investigated my case and on 8/6/2010 in Frank Murphy Court I was found not Guilty in 30 mins. I was being accused of assulting and comitting Home Invasion on the home of my boyfriends sisters boyfriend home. He was caught cheating on her and he called the police on her. She intern called her brother and I went with him. When the police got there they arrested us even though she had keys to the house. The girl ran out the back door. He found a witness who saw her run from the house. I was so scared that I could not even think straight. I thank Mr. Bruce and his staff for find the witnesses on the block who were willing to testify for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep doing what you are doing. I will tell everyone I know who needs help to call you.

E. Tabaczynski Posted: 2010-08-03 18:58:26

I want to thank Mr. Bruce and his Investigators for working so hard on my case. I also want to thank Attorney Diallo for all she did in getting my case dismissed. Mr. Bruce visited me in the Wayne County Jail and he spoke nothing but positive words to me. I new i was not involved in this case, but i was brought into it by the Police. I was being charged with Carjacking, Felon in Possession, Felony Firearm, and several more charges, but just like Mr. Buce told me if God is on your side there is no weapon in this earth against you. He told me to pray and be truthful when i do. I went to court this week (8/2/2010) for my trial. The witness refused to show up and my case was dismissed, but Mr. Bruce had already found out everything about him and more. Thank you and i will change my ways. This was to close for me. To all those people in need of help. Contact these guys and you will be getting the best.

Tajah Milton Family Posted: 2010-06-23 13:39:24

I want to thank you for working on our our sons case. It was a very hard case to win, but you were very good and convincing. He was facing Assault With Intent to Murder with several other charges. He was convicted of Great Bodly Harm Less than Murder, and Felony Firearms. I want to thank you for the work you did on our sons case. While you were on the stand we could see the jury was impressed with all of your training. We were impressed ourselves. So I know that they changed their thoughts after you were finished. I know our son will be out of jail instead of in there for the rest of his life or ours. Thank you.

Danell Wilson and Friends Posted: 2010-05-26 13:14:05

Thank you Mr. Bruce for coming to the Wayne County Jail and talking to me. You guided me through this ciminal case. I was beening charged with raping my now fiance. It was all a misunderstanding and I now see how you can be put away for the wrong words. My fiance did not want to have me charged, but her words and my stupid action caused alot of pain. I am truly blessed, because I now have a second chance and I know what I should do with it. Thank you for working on my case and helping my Lawyer get it dismissed. You are a man doing what a man should do. You are in the trenches working while everyone else is standing around talking. Thank you and continue doing what you are doing and if anyone I know needs a Investigator "YOU ARE THE BEST".

Pastors Ex-Wife Posted: 2010-05-25 12:20:55

I want to give honor to God who is my life and I would not have made it through this with out him. I was being charged with some very serious crimes by my Husband (EX) and his girlfriend, of at least five years. My Ex-husband is a pastor of a church in the Detroit area. I do not want to give the name of his church, because that would draw more attention to the church and not what God did. I want to thank my attorney for all she did and for bringing these to vessels to the case. My ex-husband had been having a affair with a young lady in our church and he fathered a five year old child. I was told by several members about this, but I did not want to beieve it. Well they tried to put me in jail for the rest of my life so they could continue there life, but God had another plan. He allowed this investigator to bring the thing that were done in the dark to the light to a table in the presence of my enemies. God is so awsome! There affair was exposed in the court in front of everybody and the case was dismissed and the Judge and the Proscutor were shocked. All they could do was storm out of the court room embarrassed. Now there secret is out!!! I wonder what he is going to tell his sheep now? I want to thank your Bishop (Wayne T. Jackson) for anointing you with this gift. You have a gift from God and you will continue to use it for what he has called you to do. This is your ministry. God had this in his plan from the day you were conceived. He just took you through the Detroit Police Department to get you here. I want to thank you for all you did and please do not stop. I will be praying for you always!

The Toby Family Posted: 2010-04-26 20:05:39

We contacted your office in hopes of locating our grandson. His mother picked up and left with him and our son wanted to locate them. We had tried other investigators, but they took our money. When we contacted your office you gave us a price and with in a hour you gave us the information we were looking for. Our family went to OHio and caught our grandson and his mother walking out of the place they were staying. We are now allowed to visit our grandson and our son is allowed his visitation time.

Thank you for all you did!

Mr. C. Hernandez and Famila Posted: 2010-04-19 11:04:28

I want to thank my Attorney, Mrs. Woodside for all she did in my case. I was charged with the rape of a young child who was staying in my home. In my first trial it was a hung jury. I told my lawyer that this was a lie and my children and wife had proof, but he chose not to use our evidence. I told him to speak to our witnesses. He did not. On my second trial Mr. Woodside brought in this investigator (Mr. Bruce) I spoke to him and he was such a man of God that my children noticed it first . It was something about him that put us at ease. When our trial started we were so prepared that I did not have any concerns. Mrs. Woodside did her job based on the information Mr. Bruce and his investigators provided and when the jury came back NOT GUILTY ( 4/16/2010) I just stood up and walked back out of the court room with my wife and children. Thank you Mrs. Woodside for bring Armorbearer Investigations aboard they are truly sent from above.

Mr. Roach and Family Posted: 2010-04-17 00:09:16

To whom it may concern;

I was charged with the rape of a young lady over 5 plus years ago. I was in jail for another matter and had to submit a DNA sample. When I got out of jail I was stopped by the police weeks later. The officers informed me about the CSC charge. I was shocked and concerned. I found out this was from some young lady who was hanging out at a motorcycle club and her boyfriend found out. The bad thing about this was I did not remember meeting nor having any sexual contact with this young lady. Mr. Bruce and his Investigators did so much to help my Attorney that I was in awe. The jury came back with NOT GUILTY on all 5 counts (April 16, 2010). I just looked at Mr. Bruce and said you are heaven sent. I thank my Attorney and Armorbearer Investigations for everything.

Leslie Wilson and Family Posted: 2010-03-18 01:37:22

Hello my name is Leslie Wilson, I was charged with a Murder that happened 17 years ago. I do not like to talk to everyone, but a lawyer told me to make sure I got this guy on my case. I told my Court Appointed Attorney. She had never heard of him. I told her to find him and get him on my case. I found out he was on my case when he visited me in Wayne County Jail. He told me he can only try to help. I felt something in him that I could not explain. He shoke my hand and I felt this surge of power. My trial started 3/16/2010 and with the information he provided. My lawyer was on point. The jury came back NOT GUILTY. I told Mr. Bruce he was called to do what he is doing. God is using you. Thank you for everything.

Carlos Madden and Family Posted: 2010-03-17 02:47:08

I was in the Wayne County Jail and every inmate was talking about this investigator. They were all trying to get his company assigned to there case. They said the name was Armorbearer Investigations. I contacted my lawyer and told him I needed these guys on my case. When my attorney told me he found him. I knew good things would happen. Mr. Bruce came to visit me and the first thing he did was pray with me. He then told me he would do his best. Several weeks later my attorney scheduled a court date to bring some new evidence to the Judge. Mr. Bruce and his team went out and found the real people involved in this crime and also two witnesses the police look over. They said you were the best and you proved it to them. Thank you for everything you did and please continue. There are more like me in jail. Innocent!

The Law Offices of Attorney R. Mezy Posted: 2010-03-16 02:46:33

I want to thank Mr. Bruce and his team for doing what they do. Armorbearer Investigations was recommended to my office by others in my field. I had never used a Private Investigator before, but I will now use Armorbearer Investigation for now on. They found evidence that the police over looked and with that information I asked that the case be dismissed and the Judge agreed. My client was cleared of all charges. Mr. Bruce continue doing what you do and the word will spread.

The Stinson Family Posted: 2010-03-15 12:01:59

I want to thank you and your team. I was facing a Murder chage and I needed help, because I was innocent. I know everone in trouble always says "I DID NOT DO THIS!!". Your team came in and assisted my Lawyer and I knew God was in control. Your team made my family feel good. That was more important than anything. My Mother was at ease. When the not Guilty (3/11/2010) came back in less than 15 minutes. All I could do was shake your hand and thank GOD and you for what you do. You and your team are truly the best.

The Roberts Family Posted: 2010-01-09 01:46:02

Hello my nane is Tris Roberts and I was charged with Murder in the First degree and Felony Firearm. I was locked up in the Wayne County Jail when Mr. Bruce came to visit me. He was assigned to my case to assist my Lawyer. My Lawyer told me he was the best and to work with him. I was scared, because this was my LIFE. Mr. Bruce prayed with me everytime he came to see me. He told me to meet him halfway and God would do the rest. The day of the trial he was there with me to help me through the lies. When the Jury came back within 30 minutes I was so scared I could not breath. I heard them say NOT GUILTY, but it did not register until I looked at him. He said "Give him the Glory". I just want to thank you Mr. Bruce, because you have really changed me.You are a true man of GOD. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Butler Family Posted: 2009-12-29 01:28:27

First giving honor to God who is my life. I want to say thank you for everything you did. I was charged with 3 Counts of Assault with Intent to Commit Murder, 3 Counts of Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder, 3 Counts of Felonious Assault, Felony Firearm, and Felon in Possession. I was looking at the rest of my life behind bars. I was scared, but when I met you for the first time you prayed for me and I felt so much pressure come off of me. When the trial started I knew everything was in Gods plan. You told me to give everything to him and he will handle it. I did and when the jury came back with the Not Guilty Verdict all I could do was keep my word with him. I am now saved and working on my life. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for the little people out here. I know! No one is small in GODS eyes, but thank you so much.

The Quaker Family Posted: 2009-12-29 00:50:56

To Whom it may Concern;
I just want to let everyone and anyone who reads this know that Armorbearer Investigations is sent from God. I was refered to them by a person that attends Great Faith Ministries, Detroit. I was concerned, because my son was in jail for MURDER. When I met the Investigator he first prayed for my son and our family. He began to speak to me and I just knew my son was in good hands. He then started to work my sons case and when they were finished the Prosecutor dimissed the case before trial. I thank God for you and continue to do what God has you doing. If you need and true man of God look know futher. If you need a good investigator, again, look know futher.

Thank you, Thank you for bring my son, brother, cousin, uncle, and friend home before Christmas. It was the best gift we could have asked for.

Thomas Family Posted: 2009-10-01 18:41:55

Our son was on trial for his life and you help him get a second chance. He was named in the shooting at Henry Ford High School in Detroit, Michgan. He was the only one to recieved a Not Guilty. This was all, because you did what you said you would do. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

The Lathon Family Posted: 2009-09-18 02:01:29

I am so glad that we met. I was there when you prayed for my friend. She was facing 2 counts of AWIM, 2 counts of FA, along with Felony Firearm. Well lets say we were scared. You came to us and when you layed your hand on me and told me Faith without works is dead. I just felt a warmness comeing from your touch I knew she was ok. I can not explain it, but after the trial and when the jury came back with only guilty of the FA charges. I just knew you were a blessing and sent by GOD to do this work. Please do not change, because you are a pure vessel that he is using. My friend has another chance, because of your work and prayers. Thank You.

The Jamarr Allen Family Posted: 2009-08-22 15:37:12

I really do not know what to say. I just had to put this on your website. You are the Best and Blessed. I truely had my concerns. This was my son who I brought into this world and he was facing a Murder Charge. When I first talked to you I was so mean and short, but you prayed with me. I remember every word you said. While the trial was going on that prayer was in my head so strong that I just could not beleive what GOD was doing in the trial. Everything you said came true and August of 2009 they came back NOT GUILTY of all charges. You are a true man of GOD and my son has told me how much he respects you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are good! I can truely say this to anyone who reads this. If you need a Investigator. Look know further.

The Sims Family Posted: 2009-08-22 13:39:25

Thank You! Thank You! I want to thank you for your work and your prayers. My son was faceing LIFE in Prison and Felony Firearm, but you told me that GOD just wants to give him a second chance. You prayed for him and I could not believe what I was hearing. I knew my son was getting the best. When my sister called me after the trial and told me he was NOT GUILTY of murder, but guilty of the second charge. He still has to go to jail for less that two years, but it is a whole lot better than LIFE. I just praised god and thanked him for you. Thank you for using what GOD has given you. You will always be in my prayers. I had to give this praise report so that someone else can know that there is a true man of GOD doing his work for those who are truely in need. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Poindexter Family Posted: 2009-07-08 21:34:18

Thank you for everything your firm has done. I was inprisoned for 7 plus years for a crime I did not do. I know everyone says this to your investigators. Your firm did not look at my past , but went out and found out I was innocent. The Supreme Court granted me a new trial. We went back and with your help and prayers I was found NOT GUILTY. Thank you and my GOD BLESS you for everything you are doing for those who need you.You are truly a man of FAITH.

Mobley Familty Posted: 2009-02-15 01:06:59

Thank you giving us our son, brother, uncle, and friend. He was charged with Murder 1 and we thought he was gone, but God sent us and angel. Thank you for the prayers, and the friendship. When the jury came back with NOT GUILTY(2/13/2009) all I could remember was what you told us in the beginning "No weapon formed against him (us) shall not prosper". Thank You for the hard work and if anyone needs the best investigators in the city I will tell them to contact ARMORBEARER INVESTIGATIONS. God Bless you and your staff.

Janet Posted: 2008-12-10 15:01:56

I want to thank Armorbearer Investigations for helping my family out of what seemed like an impossible, hopeless situation, which involved a homicide. Armorbearer Investigations, did what the police couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do. Our family member (age 21) was facing possibly living the rest of his life behind bars; Mr. Bruce worked diligently, faithfully, and with superior morals to deliver righteousness. I would highly recommend Armorbearer to anyone who is in need of investigation services, you will not be disappointed. Mr. Bruce along with his wife has a supreme operation, that is based on faith and doing the work of God.

Jesus Posted: 2007-09-30 13:39:26

Thank you for using me to assist you in your day to day activities.

Stephanie Posted: 2007-08-23 15:08:33

I want to commend Armorbearer Investigators for there service and hard work. When you PRAYED for me, that was totally unexpected. It was just what I needed, it allowed me to get through the hurt and embarrassment. I want to thank you for all you did. Your prayer was "Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning." Thank you for ministering to me, because "It is MORNING". I will recommend you to everyone I know, because you were a BLESSING to me.

Pamela Posted: 2007-07-14 21:51:35

"Caught Red Handed"

Armorbearer Investigation gave me exactly what I wanted:

R: Reliable, timely service with the
E: Evidence I needed with
D: Deliverance that gave me the answer(s) that I needed. My spouse was caught in the act of having an affair. I needed to catch him and the information was handed to me with substantial results. Armorbearer Investigation met my greatest expectations.

Thank You,

Guest Posted: 2007-03-18 03:01:22

I would like to thank Armorbearer Investigations for all of the hard work they did. I had a suspicion that my husband was cheating on me so I hired the investigators to see if it was true. Within 20 hours of my husband arriving in his hometown, he was caught. The investigators continued their hard work and maintained professionalism throughout the whole case. I just needed proof and now I have it. Thank you again for everything that you have done.

carolyn Posted: 2007-02-19 15:53:11

I was very pleased with this service. They resolved a missing person in just one day and found their car. The pricing was fair and a full report was given. I would use them again, if needed, and would recommend them to any of my friends. Also, as a added benefit, in addition to being very professional, they were very kind and reassuring during this personal trauma.

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