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Mr.Trevino Posted:

I was in the Wayne County jail on a Murder charge and this inmate was talking about a investigator who helped on his case. I asked his name and what all he did. I told my attorney about him and she already new of him. I told her i want them on my case. When I first met him he did not judge me he prayed for me. I was blown away. He then talked to me about my case and what he could do to help. He got with my attorney and he went to work. The day of my trial I was again blown away with everything they had done in such a short time. To make things short, My case was dimissed in Circuit Court and the Prosecutor was not happy. They refiled the charges and this time we started at the District Court. When we got to the exam it was worst for the other side. We had more information and this time the case was dismissed in the District Court. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations for everything. You are a man of God and a man of Integrity.

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